Vacuum Packaging Machine

Wu-Hsing Electronics Co., Ltd.

WU-HSING’s Nozzle type Vacuum Sealer VV-305T/455T/605T is External Extraction model , is made in metal construction with electrostatic painting .

An Oil-less vacuum Pump inside for dry and solid packing and a retractable Nozzle system made of stainless steel. Double-sides sealing 5mm is good at thicker bags and save sealing time. (10mm is available). Comes with a smart control panel: 10 programs. Can be equipped with a Gas Flushing system.

This machine offers an easier packaging and greater sustained vacuum flow.

Wu-Hsing Electronics Co., Ltd.

WU-HSING’s desk-top Nozzle type vacuum sealer ASV-320 (HIPPO), with a Powerful vacuuming performance and power-saving of Eco-design andpeople will enjoy using the unit because of its design and flexible functions.
One touch fully automatic vacuuming and sealing operations and semi-automatic modes.

Comes with an in-built water collection cup, can vacuum and seal even highly moist contents.

Wu-Hsing Electronics Co., Ltd.

WU-HSING’s Table top Chamber type vacuum machine is made in stainless steel (SS304) for user uses it in wet and humility environment. Size limited as chamber size. Ideal for any vacuumable bags. Sealing width: 5mm

Suitable smaller package.


This packaging machine is used in heating the transparent blister-shell which is made by vacuum forming machine, and blister-shell will be attached with exquisite-print cardboard.

There are two kinds way of Heating: Instantaneous heating and direct heating.

The continuous operation such as feeding, sealing, unloading, and position of sealing, which is all controlled by sensor.

The conveyor which is designed with two sections control. It’s easy to change the templates, and also can be set restart time after stop.


This machine has quite similar function with vacuum shaping machine. It’s used by the principle of heating press and directly packs the package.

Using film and cardboard to pack with package by vacuum suction. The Package will be sandwiched between film and cardboard.

The packaging effect of skin packer is the same as vacuum blister shell. And Skin packaging machine is shaped with film tightly and directly attached to the package.

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