Two Colour Rotary Type Rain Boots Automatic Injection Moulding Machine


  • Fixed quantity by computer and auto ejection control assistant equipment make ejection quantity more precise and it is easier to operate.

  • Multiple security protection system.

  • The whole machinery is working by hydraulic system.Powerful mould locking and exact mould clamping make products no burr.

  • With special logical oil way design, it is high speed,high efficiency and high capacity.

  • With hydraulic shifting equipment, it is stable,noiseless and located exactly.

  • Refined temperature control system and preheating mould equipment make products bright without waste.

  • Auto monitoring system makes it easy to maintain.

  • Single-color and two-color production can be done at the same time.

  • Auto operation system coordinating with robot arm saves manpower.

  • It is easy to put on inner lining for the special structure of mould case, and the worth of finished products is great.

  • Unique fold type ejecting equipment makes great output and best moulding effect.

  • The equipment of mould case makes long duration of mould and it doesn't need to maintain.

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