Automatic Sleeve Wrapper - For bottles

SA-106-1 / SA-106-2

  • Suitable for round shape products, such as: can、tin、bottle…etc., non-tray product.

  • Machine combine seal & shrink functions for completed package.

  • Infeed belt with product swing & alignment function.

  • Package process: product alignment →film wrapping →sealing & cutting → outfeed conveyor → shrink tunnel → package completed.

  • Suitable for PE film package.

  • Enable to change product alignment mode according to product.

  • Fixed device on the top of product, ensure no movement while sealing & cutting.

  • Adjustable product delivery speed、pushing timing、positioning、sealing timing…etc.

  • Attach air flush to cool sealing in a short time for good strength.

  • Equip product entry sensor for smooth filling process.

  • Apply with Mitsubishi PLC controller

  • Temp. controller with PID function and driven by SSR for stable heating performance.

  • Cutting blade made by one piece for long time operation stability.

  • Product auto delivery into shrink tunnel after sealing & cutting.

  • Shrink temp. & speed are adjustable.

  • Cooling fan in the rare of tunnel.

  • Inner tunnel related heating parts are mainly made by stainless steel.

  • *5-6kg/cm2 filter is provided by buyer.