6~12 Color.png

Flexographic High Speed Roll to Roll 6~12 Color Printing Machine with 2 Printing Stack (Direct Printing)

900W series (180M)

  • Steel made plate cylinder in each printing station decides the length of bag. Request to change plate cylinder when bag length is different.

  • Simple color registration mechanism to ensure accurate printing quality.

  • Equipped with Auto. Tension Controller and magnetic powder brake to regulate even tension prior printing.

  • With Web Guiding Device to control the edge position for varying web width.

  • Driven by timing belt for quiet running and precise transmission.

  • With auto. ink circulation device to maintain uniform ink viscosity giving good printing quality.

  • Available Double deck oven facility provides excellent drying quality at high speed.

  • Fully digitalized control setting on operator-friendly human machine interface (HMI).

  • High-Tech Doctor Blade with ceramic roller upon to customer’s request to remove the excess ink for the highest printing job.

  • Available to have Auto. Roller Changer for rewinder to slice fabric roll on continuous operation, regulates the constant fabric tension, and auto. position rectification for evenly and tidily winding.